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Bouvée Torquetil

of the Fief de Blondel & l'Eperon

In 1440, the Fief Blondel was transferred. In the deed, it specifies a certain fief called the Fief Thomas Blondel being in the said parishes, parcel of the fief au Canely containing about three bouvées of land called the Bouvée Phlipot Pain, lying in the said parish of St Pierre duBois, and the Bouvée Torquetil and Bouvée Bourgeon with the Fief de l'Eperon lying in the saidparish of Torteval and likewise all and such seigneuries, dignities, liberties, graces andfranchises as to the aforesaid fiefs and each of them attach and belong with a certain dinner which the said Jenete takes and owns annually for an estate of inheritance, she claims, on the fief of the Prior of Lihou.  Translation by Dr. Ogier of Guernsey.


The deed intimates that the Blondel's Fief de L'Eperon was transferred with the sale of the Fief de Blondel along with rights to such seigneuries, dignities, liberties, graces and franchises and dinners from the Fief of Lihou.

Bouvée , a land measure from the 14th century and earlier, equivalent to 24 vergées. Those occupying a   bouvée  in the Channel Islands had a significant standing in their parish. A caruée was equal to ten   bouvées  . Guernsey used this term for land measurement but the same status was not involved

Historically, there are 2 EPERON Fiefs. See:

One of these Eperon Fiefs ( The small fief of:  Fief Des Eperon)  is still shown on the map of Guernsey between the Fief L'Eveque de Coutan ces and the Fief De La Rue Frairie

: or see large   PDF EXPORT

Therefore, the  Blondel Deed's Fief de l'Eperon of Torteval is independent and separate from the other Eperon fief which may be in St. Andrews Parish. It must have been a dependency fief of Blondel.


 The 1890 List of Guernsey Lords/Seigneurs only shows one Eperon fief in St. Andrews.  Thus, the other Eperon fief may continue to be a dependency on the Blondel Fief.

Histornical Note on the Fief Eperon by Dr. Ogier - Historian

The fief de l’Eperon does not appear to be recorded otherwise than on this 1440 deed. I think, just as the fief Thomas Blondel is said to be part of the fief Canelly so, as you suggest, this Eperon “fief” is/was a dependency of Thomas Blondel.
Such a thing would not be that unusual, and several other fiefs’ records call certain dependent tenures “fiefs” though these do not possess any of the usual manorial paraphernalia (a court etc). I imagine that at some point they had somewhat more privileged occupants than some other holdings. The fief de Blanchelande is particularly notable for being split up into many holdings, each known as fief this or that.
With best wishes,
 Dr. Darryl