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Press for the Fief of Blondel - From the Dames and Seigneur

  1. King Visits Guernsey 2024 - The Seigneur of Fief Blondel, Chancellor George Mentz, JD MBA OSG,  wishes King Charles III  "The Duke of Normandy" and the Queen a wonderful visit with the people and Seigneurs and Dames of Guernsey. King and Queen to visit Guernsey next month July 2024 | Guernsey Press 
  2. Digital Map of Fiefs available for public to see: SEE DIGITAL FIEF MAP  
  3. Rollo the Viking Possesses the entire region as Duke of Normany. The Seigneur of Fief Blondel is a direct descendant of William the Conqueror and Rollo the Viking.
  4. 1179 Original Noble Fief in Guernsey Chartered.  
  5. Legends stated that Blondel received the grant of the Fief from King Richard.  
  6. 1440 - Noble Fief Blondel documented Deeds still available for viewing at University of Leeds.  
  7. Pope issues  Bull stating that the Fiefs and islanders should not be harmed.  
  8. 1990 - The Guernsey seignory of the Fief Beauvoir,  dating from the ancient dukes of Normandy, sold for$51,000 dollars  
  9. Seigneur stays silent over £2m. offer for feudal title | 
  10. 2017 - George Mentz wins auction from Count Marcov of the rights to the Fief of Blondel.  
  11. Fief Blondel buys a piece of the famous Sealand Micronation.  
  12. 2018 Fief Blondel buys rights to the Ancient Feudal Barony and Captainship of Annaly Longford in Ireland. 
  13. Fief Blondel buys lordship property in Lochaber, Scotland  
  14. Fief Blondel buys Squire property in Antrim, Ireland.  
  15. Dispute over  car park ended by ruling | Guernsey ...    
  16. 2019 - TheSeigneur of Fief Blondel wishes the Queen a Happy Birthday. 
  17. The Queen celebrates 93rd birthday 
  18. The monarch – the nation's longest reigning sovereign – was born on April 21 1926. 
  19. Fief Blondel has reciprocity agreement with the Seignory of Annaly, Seignory of Ennerdale Cumbria, and The Manor of the Liberty of Stoborough Wessex. 
  20. The Seigneur of Fief Blondel acquires the Lordship of Stoborough.  Stoborough is an ancient  Liberty and Wessex town of the Wareham Borrough  in the Isle of Purbeck in Dorsetshire. The Seigneur of Blondel is a direct descendant of the ancient Lords of Wessex.
  21. Seigneur of Fief de Blondel is officially invited to attend the Ancient Court of Cheif Pleas which is managed by the The Crown's Goverment of Guernsey

From the Collas Crill Law Firm - News regarding the transfer of Ancient Fiefs - News Release