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Vicomte de Contentin owned 1/2 of Guernsey known as the Fief of Guernsey

Technically, Guernsey and the Fief s were part of the  Manche, Normandy, France.

All titles of nobility were abolished in mainland France, but those titular titles may still exist in Guernsey.

The Cotentin Peninsula (US: /ˌkoʊtɒ̃ˈtæ̃/,[1] French: [kɔtɑ̃tɛ̃]; Norman: Cotentîn [kotɑ̃ˈtẽ] (About this soundlisten)), also known as the Cherbourg Peninsula, is a peninsula in Normandy that forms part of the northwest coast of France. It extends north-westward into the English Channel, towards Great Britain. To its west lie the Channel Islands and to the southwest lies the peninsula of Brittany.

1204 AD - Fief  Blondel and other Fiefs are Forfeited to the Crown with separation from Normandy and given to loyal Seigneurs and Dames.

The evolution of the lands in the parish of Torteval is complicated, because although initially in the Fief of the Cotentin, many of its fiefs cover St. Pierre-du-Bois, which is part of the Fief of  Bessin. Then the Southwest side of Guernsey was composed of the Fief Canelly which was divided in 1205 into parts with the Fief Blondel becoming independent at that time.

Fief Blondel is part of the former large Fief of Canelly, once held by William de Chesney (1284) and before him by the Le Canellys until the separation of Guernsey from Normandy in 1204.

-Tupper in his history of Guernsey also proves the existence of this church in 1028, quoting the list of Fiefs existing at the accession of Robert I. (Duke of Normandy in 1028), at which time Guernsey was divided into two great fiefs: the fief of Néel, vicomte de St. Sauveur (Cotentin), comprised the six parishes of St. Samson, St. Peter-Port, St. Andrew, St. Martin, the Forest and Torteval, including the Château d'Orgueil.

Néel was also known as: (Niel, Nigel) II (III) de Saint-Saveur, Vicomte de Cotentin born in 1016 and died around 1073.

 The remaining four parishes: the Vale, Câtel, St. Sauveur and St. Peter-in-the-Wood, formed the fief of Ansquetil.



 Guernsey in 1020 AD is 2 Major Fiefs Below of Bessin and Contenin

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