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Past Fief Auctions and Sales

 See Map of Guernsey Fiefs Guernsey Fiefs ( 

2024 - Commissioner George Mentz will consider offers for Foreshore, Beaches, and Seasted leases and or partial sales.

2023 News - Fief For Sale £100,000  - We have a seen FIEF potentially for sale at £100,000 from a major London Auction House in the last few weeks.  = An important Guernsey Fief, which will enable the purchaser to style himself Le Seigneur, or if a woman, La Dame. 

2023 News - Poingdestre Fief Sells for $68,000 Thousand US Dollars 2023 to Gentleman in Colorado USA   *    * 500-year-old lordship goes under the hammer to raise thousands for charity | ITV News Channel 

Prior Sales of Fiefs Below
1) Fief Beauvoir   The Guernsey seignory of the Fief Beauvoir, dating from the ancient dukes of Normandy, sold for $51,000 in year 1990.  Aristocracy for sale - UPI Archives

2) Fief Carteret

Seigneur de Carteret An ancient Guernsey feudal title is to be sold at auction for about £30,000. Sunday, 23 November, 2003,

3) Fief Sausmarez › auction_no=2071

LOT:128 | Guernsey.- Amice Andros Seigneur of the Fief de ...

Forum Auctions, LOT:128 - Guernsey.- Amice Andros Seigneur of the Fief de Sausmarez relating to rents in St Peter's Port, Guernsey, D.s. &quot ...

 4) Fief Fauville

Ancient Guernsey feudal title sells for £23,000 - BBC News

Nov 28, 2014 - An ancient Guernsey feudal title has sold for £23,000 at auction. The Fief Fauville covers 263 vergees - equal to 106 acres or 431,000 sq m - in ... › auction_catalogue › auction=28E9CE0B

Fief Fauville - UK Auctioneers | Auction Catalogues

Nov 27, 2014 - LIVE Bidding in Online Auctions for Antiques, Collectables and Fine Art. ... Fief Fauville - St Sampson, Guernsey, Channel Islands For sale by ... › auctions › lot
5) Fief la Motte

The Fief de la Motte, Jersey - Bonhams

The Fief de la Motte consists of two branches, one in the parish of St Helier and ... The sale of the fief by Lord Carteret to Jean Dumaresq on 2nd February 1721 ... › auction-lot › fief-de-massy-gros-an-opportunit...
6) Fief de Massy Gros

Fief de Massy Gros An opportunity to purchase an important G

Sep 13, 2018 - Buy online, view images and see past prices for Fief de Massy Gros An ... Please contact Martel Maides Auctions for details prior to bidding.
7) ) Fief Mauxmarquis

Lordships at bargain-basement prices - UPI Archives -

Oct 25, 1987 - The going price for a 'Lordship of the Manor,' entitling you simply to list the title with your name on your credit card or checkbook, is $16,000. The Fief expected to bring in about 40,000 pounds, or $64,000, on Monday.
8)  Seignory and Fief of Canelly, Guernsey £35,000 by Strutt and Parker website at  in year 2002  Citation
9) Jersey Fief 2022 - Seigneur du Fief es Poingdestre  About?  $40,000 dollars US
10) 2020 - Fief St. John  Sold for about 50,000 Pounds - fief de Le Manoir de St Jean la Hougue Boëte - St John’s Manor sold after two years on the market - Jersey Evening Post  - Seigneur of St John. › topics › france › noblesse

Nobility and Titles in France - Heraldica

Jun 18, 2008 - It is important to understand that a created title is nothing but a fief (that is, ... The legal maxim was "pas de seigneur sans terre, pas de terre sans ... Created titles could not be transferred with the sale of the land, unless ...
But the ordonnance of Blois of 1578 made it impossible for a commoner who purchased a titled fief ( fief de dignité ) to acquire the title; however, it implicitly allowed that a noble purchaser could acquire the title, although some jurists thought that the purchaser required the assent of the king.  A commoner owning a county could call himself "lord of the county of X", and collect feudal dues and domanial rights, but he was not "count of X".