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Fief Rights to Land Foreshore and other Treasure

There are many Custom and Legal Rights that a Fief Seigneur owns as a result of being the titled and registered Lord of the Fief.

Other Customs: The Prior of Lihou owes a Dinner Each Year to the Lord Dames and Chiefs  of the Fief Thomas Blondel. Reference:


  1. Manorial Rights of the Crown Dependencies  by Le Cras
  2. Private Courts 
  3. Land 
  4. Wind Farms and Bays 
  5. Coinage 
  6. Foreshore - High and Low Tide Lands - 
  7. Seaweed 
  8. SeaSted SeaBed - Shoreline Disputes 
  9. Fishing "droits de pecherie" - On Shorlines and inside territory.
  10. Common Areas and Underground: 
  11. Droits de Chasse (Hunting Rights) Reference 
  12. Water and Streams
  13. Emoluments
  14. Annuities or revenues
  15. Dignities
  16. Foreshore Sands  See Economist  China is churning out solar panels—and upsetting sand markets (
  17. Foreshore Stone
  18. Common Land Parking
  19. Foreshore Parking
  20. Homage
  21. Colombier or Dovecote Rights - Fief Blondel has the Famous Colombier House in its district.
  22. Air & Cellular Rights - Based on Devecote Rights of Air and Sky.
  23. Flattery
  24. Soil 
  25. Champarts of wheat
  26. Bows
  27. Suit to the royal court - Some Seigneurs participate each year.  The Seigneur of Blondel was officially invited as a dignatary from the USA in 2022
  28. Treasure - See Law Review Article from Plymouth - See: General rights to Wreck and Treasure 
  29. The lord is further entitled to the Escheat of the real estate of tenants dying without heirs, or convicted of crimes involving death or banishment, and in some instances - by special grant from the Crown - to the goods and chattels of convicts. and all other rights and seigneurial uses belonging to or belonging to the said Fief, without exception or reservation whatsoever.
  30. Rights to Avowson or to Appoint a Vicar or Priest - 
  31. Seigneurial Rights Jersey & Guernsey Law Review – June 2008 - THE CUSTOMARY LAW IN RELATION TO THE FORESHORE (1) - Richard Falle & John Kelleher 
  32. Jersey & Guernsey Law Review – June 2010 - THE CUSTOMARY LAW IN RELATION TO THE FORESHORE (2) - Richard Falle and John 
  33. Some Fiefs have rights can sell for up to 64,000 dollars in 1987 - 
  34. Advice on Owning a Lordship: 
  35. Manorial Rights Registration  
  36. Fief Blondel Beach Link
  37. International Court of Justice Case on French/English History of Channel Islands and Rights of Seigneurs for Shipwrecks and booty.
  38. The Laws of England and Fiefs
  39. Fiefs of Guernsey Digital Map
  40. Fief Map Zoom

 Fief Blondel Beach Map Below

Blondel Beach


Lord Kinnear, in Smith v. Lerwick Harbour Trustees said about the Crown's property rights: "If the solum of Shetland as a whole is not originally the property of the Crown, I know of no authority, and can see no reason, for holding (saying) that part of it which is called the foreshore is Crown Property". This statement could equally well be applied to the seabed, especially since the foreshore is regarded as part of the seabed in English law. S.O.U.L. (