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Fief Blondel Beaches Islands and Foreshore in Guernsey - UK Queen's Crown Dependency

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Under 1000 years of Case Law, the Feif Seigneur owns the Foreshore and Seasted of the Fief.  Fief Blondel has at least 3 different beaches with offshore rock islands and maritime entry ways.  The Sovereign Fief of Monaco also has maritime rights, beaches, sands, fishing, docks, warfs, extended continental shelf, rocks, islands,  seabed, seasted, and territorial waters.

North Fief Blondel Beach - Portelet Bay


 Fief Blondel claims ownership access and use rights to the island rocks of The Bissets and Les Hanoveaux  while warning the world and individuals to stay away from rocks and obstacles in their boats or by swimming diving.

 Roquaine Bay

The Fief Thomas Blondel claims part of the Les Bissets Islands off of the coast of Fief Blondel's Beach and Foreshore while also claiming partial rights to the Les Hanoveaux Islands.


Fief BlondelIslands



Fief Blondel Islands on and with Foreshore




South Blondel Beach



Blondel Beach South Two

Blondel Beach 2

 Foreshore Rights under International Law and Crown Common Laws

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 * This page is designed to illustrate a Fief's rights to foreshore provided that the rules and laws in relation to foreshore are maintained in law.


The settlement involving Les Pas Holdings and the foreshore in Jersey refers to a long-running legal dispute between Les Pas Holdings Limited, acting on behalf of Advocate Richard Falle, and the States of Jersey. The dispute centered around the claim that Les Pas Holdings held ancient feudal land rights to a portion of the foreshore on which the Waterfront development in St. Helier was built.

The 14-year legal battle ended in 2003 when the States of Jersey awarded Les Pas Holdings a settlement of land on the Waterfront worth £10 million. This settlement was intended to resolve the dispute and compensate Les Pas Holdings for their claimed rights on the foreshore.

The exact details and terms of the settlement, including the extent of the land awarded to Les Pas Holdings, may not be readily available or disclosed in the provided information. For more specific information regarding the settlement, it would be advisable to consult official legal records, news archives, or legal sources pertaining to the case.

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