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The Order of the Genet - Knights

L'Ordre de la Genette - Kingdom of Franks


Established year:  726AD THE OLDEST KNIGHLY ORDER OF FRANKONIA (France )

Establised in The Kingdom of the Franks and Frankonia

The Seignuer of the Fief Blondel maintains the Chevalier Order of the Genet which is probably the oldest knighly order of chivalry of the Franks and Normandy. By virtue of nobility being outlawed in France and the fact that the Channel Islands are part of Normandy, the Seigneur has authorized the order to operate on the land of the Fief Blondel in Guernsey where the Feudal Laws of the Bailiwick of Guernsey still apply. The Seigneur of Fief Blondel is a direct descendant of the Royal Capets and Charles de Valois 1270–1325 and the De Martels of France.  The Seigneur of Fief Blondel has expanded the order from 16 Knights to 100 Knights.  The Seigneur's 16th great-grandfather is Louis IX Capet de Bourbon, King of France. The Seigneur of Fief Blondel today is the Chief Captain and Baron of Annaly-Longford, Lord Baron of Ennerdale Copeland and Lord of the Liberty of Stoborough.

The Order of the Genet was instituted by Charles Martel, in the year 726, on account of a great victory obtained by him over the Saracens, under their leader Abdiramo. It is said by Favin to have been the FIRST Order of Knighthood ever seen in France, though others attempt to assert the contrary ; but, however that may be, it continued in high esteem, from the time of its institution,until the Carlovinian race were driven from the throne by Hugh Capet, when it became gradually disrespected, and in the end extinct. The number of Knights of it was limited to sixteen, and those of the sirst rank in the kingdom.

The noble and royal collar consists of three gold chains, interlaced with red enamelled roses; to the centre rose is. pendent the badge of the Order, viz. a Genet Sejant, enamelled Blue, spotted Red, and collared Gold, on a mount Green, enamelled with flowers Proper, Sec plate 28.




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  Charles Martel created the  Ordre de la Genette  in 732 after defeating the Arabs at Poitiers, supposedly because many furs of this animal were found in the loot. The genet is a small carnivore of the civet family (gen. Genetta, fam. Viverridae), whose fur was used in the Middle Ages (cf. Ducange's  Glossarium , vol. 4 p. 54, s.v.  geneta , citing a 1244 manuscript describing the cloak of a countess as "fouranda et orla de geneta"; see also Godefroy's  Dictionnaire de l'ancien français , vol. 4 , page 258).






Commissioner Dr. George Mentz, Seigneur of Blondel has been appointed by the Patriarch as the Chancellor of the Worldwide Anglican Church of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda which are larger than the United States. Lord Chancellor is the top legal official of the Worldwide Anglican Church which was also known as the Ancient Orthodox Church of Africa.  Mentz has been devoted to Anglican charities for decades supporting scholarships for young aspiring adults worldwide.  His Lordship George Mentz has also been consecrated as a missionary Bishop for the Anglican Church. Commissioner Mentz holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence and an MBA degree from nationally accredited law schools and business schools along with a DSS Doctor of Spiritual Studies from the Emerson Institute. Mentz has also served as a White House High Commissioner in the USA fo the Presidential Scholars Programs.