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Knights of the Thistle of  Bourbon

The Lord Seignuer of the Fief Blondel maintains the Chevalier Order of the Thistle of Bourbon which is probably the 3rd oldest knighly order of chivalry of the Franks and Normandy.ThistleOutfit

By virtue of nobility and titles being outlawed in France and the fact that the Channel Islands are part of Normandy, the Seigneur has authorized the Order of the Thistle of Bourbon to operate on the lands and shores of the Fief Blondel in Guernsey where the Feudal Laws of the Fief s and the Bailiwick of Guernsey still apply.

The Seigneur of Fief Blondel is a direct descendant of William the Conqueror, the Royal Capets,   Charles de Valois 1270–1325 and the De Martels of France.  The Seigneur of Fief Blondel has expanded the order to 120 Knights.  The Seigneur's 16th great-grandfather is Louis IX Capet de Bourbon, King of France. 

The Seigneur of Fief Blondel today is the Chief Captain and Baron of Annaly-Longford, Lord Baron of Ennerdale Copeland and Lord of the Liberty of Stoborough.

ThistleCollarThis Order was instituted on New-years-day 1370. by Lewis the Second, Duke of Bourbon, for the corroborating his power and interest for the Aid of Charles Duke of Orleans, and of his two Brothers Philip and Iohn, against the Faction of the House of Bur∣gundy. The set number of these Knights were Six and twenty, of which himself and his Suc∣cessors, Dukes of Bourbon, were chief.

Their Habit was a Mantle of Skie-coloured Damask, lined with red Satin, with broad Welts of Gold embroidered on the Collar. The Bonnet was of green Velvet, with a Tassel of Gold and crimson Silk hanging on the Band:



Their great Collar was of Gold, wrought and enameled with green; at the bottom where∣of, in an Oval, hung the figure of their Pa∣troness the blessed Virgin; as also the head of a Thistle  enameled green and white. And these Knights were obliged daily to wear a Girdle or Belt of watchet Velvet embroidered with Gold, in the midst of which was wrought the wordEsperance.








Chancellor of the Order  -

Commissioner Dr. George Mentz, Seigneur of Blondel has been appointed by the Patriarch as the Chancellor of the Worldwide Anglican Church of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda which are larger than the United States. Lord Chancellor is the top legal official of the Worldwide Anglican Church which was also known as the Ancient Orthodox Church of Africa. Mentz has been devoted to Anglican charities for decades supporting scholarships for young aspiring adults worldwide. His Lordship George Mentz has also been consecrated as a missionary Bishop for the Anglican Church. Commissioner Mentz holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence and an MBA degree from nationally accredited law schools and business schools along with a DSS Doctor of Spiritual Studies from the Emerson Institute. Mentz has also served as a White House High Commissioner in the USA fo the Presidential Scholars Programs.