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Fief Blondel Beaches Islands and Foreshore in Guernsey - UK Crown Dependency

The Bissets Isles and The Hanois Isles have never been claimed except by the Foreshore Rights of the Fief Blondel.

Lord Kinnear, in Smith v. Lerwick Harbour Trustees said about the Crown's property rights: "If the solum of Shetland as a whole is not originally the property of the Crown, I know of no authority, and can see no reason, for holding (saying) that part of it which is called the foreshore is Crown Property". This statement could equally well be applied to the seabed, especially since the foreshore is regarded as part of the seabed in English law. S.O.U.L. (  

Images from Old Postcards

Roquaine Bay 1 Portelet

Roquaine Harbor Portelet Beach 2

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North Fief Blondel Beach - Portelet Bay


The Fief Blondel claims ownership and access and use rights to the island rocks of The Bissets and Les Hanoveaux or Hanois  islands - The Fief Blondel officially warns the world and individuals to stay away from any and all reefs rocks and obstacles in their ships or boats or by swimming or diving. 

The Fief Blondel also claims international waters rights around such islands, reefs, and rocks coming above the water at any time from the shores of Fief Blondel.

The Fief Blondel also claims rights to the styles of: The Prince and Viscount and Lords of the Bissets Isles

The Fief Blondel also claims rights to the styles of: The Prince and Viscount and Lords of The Hanois Isles

 Roquaine Bay

The Fief Thomas Blondel claims part of the Les Bissets Islands off of the coast of Fief Blondel's Beach and Foreshore while also claiming partial rights to the Les Hanoveaux Islands.



Fief BlondelIslands



Fief Blondel Islands on and with Foreshore




South Blondel Beach



Blondel Beach South Two

Blondel Beach 2


Photo: Chancellor Mentz, Seigneur of Feif Blondel et Eperons seen flying the flag of Blondel over the Beaches  Foreshore and Territorial Waters of Roquaine and Portelet


 Foreshore Rights under International Law and Crown Common Laws

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 * This page is designed to illustrate a Fief's rights to foreshore provided that the rules and laws in relation to foreshore are maintained in law.