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Thomas Blondel Seal - Guernsey

Blondel Privy Seal from 1471

La Societe Guernesiase Report and Transactions, 1928 (not 1931 as referenced), Volume #10, plate VI.

 Blondel Privy Seal 1471

Big thanks to Dir. Vikki Hart (née Ellis) MA -  Island Archivist - Island Archives -States of Guernsey.  Dir. Hart was able to track this Seal Image and Plate Down.

Seal of Thomas Blondel attached to a document dated 03 March 1473/4.

Blondel Seal


Reference Blondel Seal

A  privy seal  refers to the personal seal of a reigning monarch , used for the purpose of authenticating official documents of a much more personal nature. This is in contrast with that of a great seal , which is used for documents of greater importance.



 The  privy seal  appeared early in the 13th century in the custody of the clerks of the king’s chamber. It was soon transferred to the wardrobe clerks, and gradually its importance increased until by the early 14th century the keeper of the privy seal was the third minister of state. The keepership gained further prestige  in midcentury, when the great seal was entrusted to the keepers who went abroad with  Edward  III. As the privy seal grew in importance, the king preferred another small seal for authenticating correspondence and warrants. Under Edward II  (ruled 1307–27) there was a secret seal distinct from the privy seal. By 1400 the signet, as the secret seal was then called, was in the charge of the king’s secretary. The signet rather than the privy seal became the originating force in administration, and from 1540 there were two secretaries, each with two signets. The privy seal and signet seal were both single armorial seals.


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Thomas Blondel Seal Year
Fief Seal
Seigneur Name
Finest Seal
Owes Suit

Lords of Manors

Fiefs and their Seigneurs. From  Guerin's Almanack, 1890, in the Library's  News Cuttings on Guernsey IV, p. 79, Staff.

Marked thus (*) owe suit and service to the Court of Chief Pleas


Her Majesty *L'Evêque de Winchester
do. *L'Abbé de Mont St Michel
do. *L'Abbé de Noir Moutier
Bertram Gosselin-Lefebvre *L'Abbé de Blanchelande St Martin
Her Majesty *L'Abbé de la Rue Frairie
do. *L'Abbé de la Croix St Geffroy
do. *L'Abesse de Caen
Amias Charles Andros *Anneville de Fauville St Sampson
George De Saumarez *Saumarez, St Martin St Martin
Peter De Baugy *Bruniaux de St Martin St Martin
Amias Charles Andros *Mauxmarquis St Andrew
Heirs Mary Messurier Allez *Bruniaux de Noirmont Vale

Daniel Henry¹

Jean Lenfestey (Frie)² *Philippes
Rev. George De C. Guille *Cannelly which included the Fief Thomas Blondel St Sampson
do. *Fantôme St Sampson
Reginald Bainbrigge *Rohais St Andrew
Her Majesty Le Roy
do. Lihou


St Peter-in-the Wood
do. Halia (two-thirds)
do. Suard
do. Des Trois Bouvées de l'Erée
do. Huit Bouvées
do. Couture
do. Jean du Gaillard
do. Quarante Quartiers
do. Dix Quartiers Blondel
do. Liven
do. La Haule
do. Rozel (SPP)
do. Corvée
do. Veilleresse de la Fallaize St Martin
do. Veilleresse de Fermains St Martin
do. Franc Fief St Martin
do. Sotuas
do. Franc Fief Gallicien
do. Nannage
Heirs of Mrs Hutchesson Le Comte, with dependencies³
George De Saumarez Halia (one-third)
T Corbin Beuval
Marie Le Messurier Robert De Verre
Marthe Le Messurier Janin Besnard
do. Reveaux St Peter-in-the-Wood
Heirs Marie Le M. Allez Quantraine
Heirs John Carey Ste Hélène St Andrew
P Robilliard (Pleinmont) Thomas Blondel Torteval
T Robilliard (Pleinmont) Bouvée Duquemin Torteval
do. Guillot Justice Torteval
do. Courriqua Torteval
Rev. George De C. Guille Domaine Dom Hue Câtel
Chapelle St George Câtel
A C Andros Beauvoir St Peter Port
J F T Dobrée Carteret Câtel
Hon. James Saumarez Saumarez, Câtel
do. Coltons
do. Gohiers, Dieu le voye, Bouvée Marquand, Bouvée du Fief aux Roux, Fief Herne Câtel
William Carrington 4 Videclin Câtel
Rev. F J Jeremie Groignet Câtel
John R Tardif 5 Au Merchand
John T Ross De Havilland D'Anjohan Le Moigne, Prêtre,  alias du Castel; formerly known as the Fief Lucas Hernault Câtel
W P Cohu Au Cocq Câtel
Rev. F J Jeremie Massy Gros Câtel
John Rougier Eperons St Andrew
Mary Carey & heirs of Mary Le Messurier (Catel) La Rivière
William Le Messurier Saint St Martin
Frederick Le Messurier Fief Fortée
Marked thus (*) owe suit and service to the Court of Chief Pleas
See Fiefs 1680

¹ In right ofMartha Hocart his wife

A list of the Livres de Perchages of many of these fiefs held digitally in the Library.
Please request further information.
² In right of Rachel Le Messurier his wife
³ see below
4 In right of Betsy Marquand his wife
5 In right of Sophie De Putron his wife

³ Viz: Pomare (St-Pierre-du-Bois); Rozel (Vale); La Court (Câtel); Grantée (Câtel); Longue & dependencies (St Saviour); Fouqués (SPdB); Bequepée; Au Crochon (SPdB); Au Mière (SPdB); Huchon (SPdB); Gouïe (St Saviour); Des Cherfs; Cobois; Bellenzère; Grangiers; Besognes; A l'Ecachier; Effards; Au Saunier; Des Feuvres; De la Landelle; Des Queux; Des Forgiers; Moullinets; Canvière; Au Breton (Câtel); Clerc de l'Erée; Mauxconvenants; Hillaire; Trois Vattiaux (St Saviour); Damellaines; De la Vingtunième Boissellée; Du Quartier Du Camp Rouf; Au Carpentier; Robert Gosselin; Richard De Nermont; Du Quartier des Goubies; Du Camp des Hais; Richard de la Folie; Dame Alianor (Vale).

See Ewen, A H, 'The fiefs of the island of Guernsey,'  Report & Transactions of the Soc. Guernesiaise, 1961, pp. 173-209, with a Schedule of Fiefs by Parishes;T F Priaulx, 'Fief des Mauxmarquis,' in  Quarterly Rev. of the Guernsey Soc., XX (4), Winter 1964, pp. 85 ff.; 'Fief de Beuval',  Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society, XII (1) 1956, pp. 16-17, by T. F. Priaulx; Selected House pedigrees; Fiefs and hunting, 1680. T F Priaulx also translated into English the findings from a 14th century inquiry into the Rights and Privileges of the Seigneur d'Anneville (actually Fief Le Comte) and the Services and Dues owed to him (translated into French from the Latin in 1406), and published it in the  Report and Transactions of the Société Guernesiaise, 1962, p. 279.