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Bouvees of the Fief Thomas Blondel - 1968

From the Livre De Perchage of 1968 - St. Pierre du Bois & Torteval


Parcel of the ancient Fief au Cannely

Special Note: The Bouvees of Blondel are in St Pierre du Bois and Torteval Parishes within the ancient 2 large fiefs of the island’s Vicomtes or Counts of Bessin and Contenin.


The Fief de Thomas Blondel produced “ Livres de perchage ” in 1595, 1644, 1680, 1709, 1775, 1809, 1844, 1876, 1901, 1921 and 1968. The contents of the “ Livres de perchage ” reveal something of the history of the properties of the Territory and Fief boundaries.

Several field names reflect its agricultural, social and religious history. Pre de la Hanniere recalls the growing of hemp (han ) in that meadow.  Le Clos des Pommiers refers to family and not to an orchard. L’ Aumone (the alms), was once dedicated to charity.

Other medieval wayside crosses are Croix Ivelin and Croix Dom Nicolle . Courtil de la Rocque Colin may have a still more ancient religious aspect, referring to a prehistoric standing stone. Les Buttes (the butts), was a place in the parish for archery practice

The 7  Bouvées or Bouvees of Fief Thomas Blondel are:

* Twenty Vergees makes a Bouvee and 4 Vergees are a Guernsey Acre. 21 Feet Square is a Perch, and 40 Perches is a Vergee. 2 1/2 vergees are about 1 English Statute Acre.  Fief Duquemin is a Bouvee that is part of the Blondel territory adn Livre de Percharge of 1968.

1.       Bouvee es Paints

2.       Bouvees Torquetil et Bourgeron

3.       Bouvee dite de Thomas Guilbert

4.       Bouvee de la Bufardiere

5.       Demie-bouvee a Louvestre

6.       Bouvee dite de Surcousse

7.        (Fief Duquemin)   Bouvée dite de Duquemin or Fief Du Quemin   - T Robilliard (Pleinmont) was lord of the Fief Bouvée Duquemin in Torteval in the late 1800s. Bouvée Duquemin was also part of Fief Thomas Blondel territory. See: Fiefs and their Seigneurs. From Guerin's Almanack, 1890, in the Library's News Cuttings on Guernsey IV, p. 79, Staff.

8. There is also a Fief la Cour Ricard is mentioned in various documents which may also have been part of Fief Thomas Blondel or other territory in St. Pierre du Bois Parish in the late 1700s.  Birdwatchers’ book proceeds help to create nature reserve on La Cour Ricard Guernsey | Guernsey Press 

** The fiefs of Thomas Blondel, Guillot Justice, Bouvee Duquemin adn Cour Ricard total about 238/9 vergees in Torteval and St. Peter in the Wood.  They are parts of the ancient Fief au Canelly.  In 1890 the Seigneur of Fief Blondel was Pierre Robilliard (Pleinmont).  His Brother T Robilliard (Pleinmont)  held the Torteval Fiefs Duquemin, Fief Guillot Justice and Fief Cour Riqua or Ricard.  In the Livre de Percharge of Fief Thomas Blondel year 1968, Bouvee Duquemin is included as part of Thomas Blondel again, and we are to assume that Guillot Justice and Cour Ricard/Riqua were also transferred back to the Seigneur of Thomas Blondel.

Below Seigneurs. From Guerin's Almanack, 1890, in the Library's News Cuttings on Guernsey IV, p. 79, Staff.

     P Robilliard (Pleinmont)   Seigneur Thomas Blondel  Torteval
T Robilliard (Pleinmont)   Seigneur Bouvée Duquemin Torteval
T Robilliard (Pleinmont)   Seigneur Guillot Justice  Torteval
T Robilliard (Pleinmont)   Seigneur  Courriqua or Cour Ricard Torteval



By 1898, Pierre Robilliard dies in possession of Fief Thomas Blondel and other  Fiefs such as llot Justice, Du Quemin and La Cour Ricard.



Citation about the Fiefs

Fief Bouvee Duquemin reference:  Guernesey | Les iles Anglo-Normande | Le Petit Manchot | histoire patrimoine personnage ( 


The Last Douzaine of Fief Blondel was:

1.       Laurence Guille

2.       George_william Le Ray

3.       Daniel-Nicholas Girard

4.       Walter-Peter Girard

5.       John Mahy

6.       John-Alfred Tostevin

7.       Pierre-Tostevin

8.       Reginald-Franklyn De Garis

9.       Walter-Frederic Gallienne

10.   Sydney-John Brehaut